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About Us

Silverstone Incense Traders Pty Ltd is a wholesale supplier of quality incense and related products. Silverstone was initially set up in the beautiful NSW country town of Bellingen some 20 years ago. In July 2000, the reins were handed over to Igor Blumenthal, who was then running his own wholesale business in the northern NSW town of Mullumbimby. Together with his partner Angela and his long time friend Kaz, Silverstone became a force to be reckoned with in the wholesale incense world.

Silverstone became a Australian registered company in 2001 and the Board of Directors was formed to keep a watchful eye over this extremely fast growing company.

The Silverstone family now also consists of Gabriel who joined us in 2003 and Cheryl in 2005, along with 8 on call casuals for shipments. All staff are capable, friendly and experienced in many fields. All of us are long time locals, not only residing in this beautiful part of Australia but also strongly supporting local businesses. We are proud to carry items manufactured locally and we are always keeping an eye out for more local products to add to our growing range.

Over the years (we are proud to boast) we have become the "efficient well oiled machine" - mainly through our dedication to teamwork. Each staff member is capable in all fields of Silverstone operation and all members also are part of the decision making process in the field of new products.

We are always attempting to keep our range interesting and exciting and are constantly adding new lines....and not only in the incense field. Bookmark this site to keep up with any new products.

Silverstone's own hanging range of incense - Moondance Incense - is fast becoming known as the most superior quality range of Indian incense on the market today. The range consists of 20 exquisite fragrances and is available in 10gm, 100gm and 250gm packaging.

Aromatherapy is acknowledged worldwide for its embracing qualities of healing mind, body and soul. Silverstone sources the finest quality 100% Essential Oils available throughout the world today. Silverstone also carries Song of India concentrated perfume oils in a variety of sizes and fragrances as well as Essentially Exotic Massage Oils and Crystal Ritual Oils.

Our latest range of concentrated perfume oils, SACRED SCENT, are fast becoming the preferred body perfume in Australia today. Gentle on the skin with exquisite scents, each oil comprises essential oils/resins. The scents are long lasting and the bottles are presented in a practical acrylic stand. This product is 100% Australian made and contain no artificial dyes or colours.

To Smudge is to purify with smoke from certain sacred herbs. The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke comes from native peoples in both North and South America. We have an extensive range of Smudge items from both USA and Australia.

It is a well known fact that herbs have a long history, not only as medicinal plants, but also in rituals and ceremonies. Silverstone has endeavoured to bring to its customers a wide range of herbs for magickal and incense use. We are continually adding herbs to our list, and if there are herbs you require which do not appear on our list, please let us know and we will endeavour to source the items for you.

Incense holders are a must if you wish to burn incense - from wooden box holders with secret compartments to brass and resin mirrorwork holders. We have a large selection of holders to choose from.

Our gift lines are just a few things we threw in to supplement our already extensive range. From Soap to Gifts for your loved ones, the range of products Silverstone offer is interesting and delightful.