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Three new incenses from our†living dead range....

Some new PPure Incense fragrances...

Small†and Large Colourful CHAKRA Prayer Flags ..

Popular Gift packs in Dragons Blood and White Sage

Beautiful new incense from Kamini - Silk Road,
White Sage XXX Triple Strength and Arabian Nights.

available in three sizes -†
baby 6cms - mini 9cms - small 12cms

Werewolves Blood Incense 15gm

Oil Burners White Ceramic Cutout

Buy 10 HEM hex boxes of any fragrance†for $.....
login to check out this very low price. †
You will not buy cheaper - ANYWHERE!!!


We are proud to offer

100% Australian Made and containing pure essential oils.
Free from any chemical dyes.

Please see menu on side bar for all information regarding these 24 beautiful fragrances.

Mt Chincogan, Mullumbimby,
hometown of Silverstone Incense Traders Pty Ltd.† Photo by Kaz, 2006.
WELCOME to Australia's largest importer and wholesaler of Incense and Incense related products. Located in Mullumbimby, the centre of the "Rainbow Region" of the beautiful North Coast of New South Wales, Silverstone's aim is to provide the highest quality products along with efficient customer service and competitive pricing structures. Our staff are dedicated to researching and sourcing the finest incense of the world together with offering customers a comprehensive range of blended, powdered incense and resins, essential oils, herbs and other quality items.

Check out this YouTube video on how incense is rolled...... CLICK HERE

If you are having trouble putting your HEM display box together ....... CLICK HERE for YouTube instructions.

Another You Tube video made by one of our customers showing how to use Charcoal and burn resins. ........ †CLICK HERE

Silverstone is proud to be the Australian representatives for many large International Incense manufacturers from around the world, including:-

- Shrinivas Sugandhalaya .. manufacturers of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense, Superhit Incense, Hari Om Incense, Satya Natural Incense and Aastha Incense. Nag Champa Incense is by far the most popular incense worldwide. We are also offering Nag Champa 15gm Master Cartons at a special discounted price including freight.

- HEM Corporation .. manufacturers of many fragrances of quality incense including Chandan in the Precious range. Silverstone currently carries 98 fragrances, a number which increases with every shipment.

- Kamini Products .. manufacturers of a superb range of Incense, Cones and Soaps. Fragrances include Aphrodesia, Fairy Dreams (the original), Pagan Magic (once again the original), Dragons Blood and White Sage. Many manufacturers have attempted to imitate these amazing fragrances, with very little success. Best to stick with the original product to ensure your retail customers are satisfied.

- Padmini Products .. manufacturers of the very popular Spiritual Guide Incense, in the top ten most popular incenses in Australia. Also providing us with Gold Statue, Worth and Brindavan Sandal.

- PPure Incense .. Silverstone sells this product exclusively in Australia. †It is primarily a masala based incense with many fragrances.

- Auroshikha .. manufacturers of natural blended incenses and cones. Currently carrying 40 fragrances in the incense and 22 fragrances in the cones.

- Nippon Kodo .. manfuacturers of Morning Star and New Morning Star. Silverstone is the exclusive distributor of Nippon Kodo products in the Southern Hemisphere.

- Adi da Rasa .. manufacturers of some of the finest quality incenses available on the market including Holy Cat, Avabhasa and Sandalwood Rasa. Once again Silverstone is the major distributor of Adi da Rasa in Australia.

- Moondance .. Silverstone is the exclusive distributor of this amazingly pure range consisting of 24 fragrances including the very popular†PURPLE HAZE.

- R Expo .. manufacturers of Song of India Perfumed Oils - now available in a wide range of fragrances available in two sizes - 2.5ml and 10ml bottles. Also carrying Chakra Incense and perfume oils, solid perfumes in an array of fragrances, Rosewood Cutwork Boxes containing Amber, Frankincense or Myrrh, Henna Products for tattooing and hair conditioning and Kajal eyeliners. †Also by this manufacturer are travel candles.

- Other Selected Indian Incenses are provided by our Indian agents such as Yatra, Sai Flora, Golden Nag Champa Golden Nag Chandan, Golden Nag Meditation and Golden Nag Patchouli, Bharath Darshan, Deluxe Sandal, Joy, and some other items including Spiritual Flora, Sandal Flora, Buddha Darshan and Vaishnavi Flora.

- Smudge Items - White Sage, Desert Sage, Turkey Feathers and other smudge items from various suppliers in the USA and Australia.

Resin and Wood Incenses are always popular with Frankincense, Dragons Blood and Myrrh being the top sellers. We also carry the more obscure resins such as Dammar Granules, Storax Bark and the sweet Honey Amber. Our Ritual Incenses are blended by us in accordance with ancient recipes. House Purification, Clearing and Wealth being amongst the favourites! Of course, we offer two types of Charcoal for burning these raw incenses.

Silverstone also offers a huge range of Herbs for Incense and Magickal use as well as a healthy range of Essential Oils in 12mls, 200mls, 500mls and 1kg sizing. †

Silverstone's ever expanding range now encompasses DREAMCATCHERS, WORRY DOLLS, WISH BEADS, TIBETAN GOODS, CRYSTAL CHARM EARRINGS, INSPIRATIONAL PRAYER FLAGS CRYSTAL CHIP BRACELETS AND TUMBLED GEM STONES.† WOW .... So many products - we are nearly a "one stop shop".†

New products are always being added so bookmark this site.

For our existing customers, as well as all our new customers, we welcome you to order online by registering at the top of this page. If you prefer old fashioned format, please do not hesitate to call us on the freecall number below. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements or answer any queries you may have. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you with your valued order.

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